Let’s Toast Wedding Officiant provides services for couples who want an easy going wedding experience. Whether it is a time issue or money issue, we would like to provide our couples with a solution for an at ease and simple wedding planning experience. In many areas, the “justice of the peace” is no longer offered at your local courthouse. No longer could you go to the courthouse for a simple wedding.  Let’s Toast would like to reintroduce this easy going process that is simple but still highlight the love and vows that are shared on a couples special day. Let’s Toast is a full wedding and event service coordinator and officiant service, so although we offer this simple process, we can also plan a more elaborate service as well (www.letstoastevents.com). All contracted services include free initial consultation/communications via email or phone during normal business hours (11am-6pm). Deposits are needed for all services.


Do I have to make an appointment?

  • Appointments are not required but are encouraged. There is usually an at ease process for setting appointments and possible quick turnarounds. Appointments not made within 48 hours prior to the wedding date, will accrue an extra $50 fee.

Do you charge or offer Pre martial counseling?

  • Yes, Let’s Toast has partnered with vendors whom offer pre martial counseling upon request. Fees will apply to this service. Email for more information.

Is there a cancellation fee after a contract is signed?

  • Yes, In order to ensure your time frame, we make it our business to block out your assigned time so no other couple can get it. To be fair there will be a fee if services are not cancelled within 48 hours of the event. If there are extenuating circumstances that may occur, we will try our best to offer a better date and time. However, deposits are non-refundable.

What do I need to get married?

  • The couple has to go to a courthouse in the state of VA and get a marriage license. The fee is around $30 to the courts. We do not provide licenses. There is no waiting period, no witnesses, and no blood test. You need your payment and ID to get your license. Marriage license is valid up to 60 days after date of purchase. You must bring your license and ID at the time of marriage.

How many guests can attend my private ceremony?

  • In the state of VA, there are no witnesses that are needed. If you would like to have guests and/or witnesses, that is fine with us.

Is a venue included in these packages?

  • Our micro packages does include a venue. Our officiant packages does not come with a venue included, however, there are options to include a venue. Check out packages below

How do I book

  • Fill out the questionnaire (link below). Fill it out and the request will be sent to Let’s Toast via email. Once Let’s Toast gets the answers back, they will send a contract and deposit request. Deposits can range. Most officiant packages are ranged between $25-$50 (wedding planning packages are more). Deposits are non-refundable but does go towards your final balance. Once a deposit has been paid and the contract is returned, you will get a booking confirmation. You are booked once and only when the booking confirmation email is sent.

  • Click this link to fill out the form: https://letstoastevents.com/officiant-questions-for-ceremony/

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Officiant Packages:                                                      

       Solo cup (basic) $100

  • Courthouse ceremony/license signing

  • Courthouse ceremonies are done at Chesterfield Courthouse ONLY (other courthouses will be the next package up)

  • Courthouse ceremonies include “I do” and ring exchange. The couple can recite their own vows. Typically just the couple but up to 10 guests can be included. 

  • License signing only will be done at Chesterfield Courthouse as well. or the couple can meet Let’s Toast at Meadowdale Library. NO CERMONY, just legal paperwork.

  • With either selection Signing/filing of marriage license is included. 

  • Hours- Monday through Friday 11AM-3PM

    On the Rocks $200

  • This package is ideal for elopements and/or backyard weddings

  • Ceremony written of the couples choice

  • Guest count 10 and under

  • Signing and filing of the marriage license

       Top Shelf $300

  • Everything that’s included with the “on the rocks” package

  • Ceremony includes a unity portion (unity candle, sand ceremony, jumping the broom, etc.). (couple must have their own supplies)

  • This package are for couples having guest count over 10

  • includes a 30 minute video chat (comparable to a virtual rehearsal)

  • Hours are Mon-Thurs (11a-6P)

         Highball $850+

  • Up to a 4 hour coordinated ceremony and reception. Officiant services can be included 

  • coordinating times for photographer, toast, cake cut, etc (additional fees can apply)

  • perfect for venues with short time frames or backyard weddings. Also great for brunch style weddings

  •  Ideal for couples who are very organized and have an intimate guest count.

  • includes up to 40 guests (fees will vary for guest count over 40)

  • This package can also be used for couples who just need someone to organize their wedding day and already have an officiant. 

  • refreshments, cake and photography could be included. (additional fees will apply)

Coordination Package

Shot Glass Package (Day of Planning) $1500+

Although it is for day of, this package actually starts around 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Let’s Toast will come along and pull all the pieces of your wedding together. This package are for the couples who have done their planning but just need someone to come in and finalize the project. Let’s Toast Shot Glass Package is for you. We can help coordinate your wedding day or if you just need a little finessing or fine toning to tie up loose ends, this package will work for you. 

We also offer a courthouse special where we will meet the couple at the courthouse (Chesterfield courthouse 9500 Courthouse rd. Chesterfield, VA. 23832) and sign the license. The ceremony will be held outside of the courthouse (courthouse rules). The ceremony will consist of “I DO” , ring exchange, and marriage license signing for $100 Mon – Fri from 11 AM- 3 PM. (Marriage license signing on the weekend is $125). This package is also known as the Solo package.

These plans can be flexible to fit your needs. Pricing may be altered depending on your specific request.

All other services will be going into our hourly, partial, or full planning services.  For more questions or information email us at [email protected] or call 804-655-9610 Tues-Fri 11a-6p (busn cell)