My name is Kiondria Johnson Pollard. I am known by Kee-Kee by most people. I was born and raised here in Richmond/North Chesterfield. I became the proud owner and founder of Let’s Toast summer of 2015. Let’s Toast is a wedding coordinating and wedding officiant business. I can plan/coordinate weddings and legally marry anyone in the state of VA. After planning tons of events for family and friends, I decided to further my credentials and get certified to plan weddings. In 2015 I completed a course with Penn Foster and became a certified wedding planner. I then became a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. Spring of 2016, a thought came to me. You can call it an epiphany. I wonder, what I would have to do to officiate weddings?  I did some research and came across the term of “civil celebrant.” A civil celebrant is a person recognized by the courts to be able to officiate weddings anywhere in the state of Virginia. After many closed doors and turn away, I was determined to achieve this goal. June 2016, I received a court date by Chesterfield County and was granted the rights to perform marriages. I was very elated! However, I did not stop to celebrate. I instead, hit the ground running. I performed my first wedding ceremony at someone’s home that same weekend! Ever since then I have been networking and advertising and marketing my services with every platform I can. I have performed hundreds of weddings of all sizes since then. I have also hosted/planned quite a few weddings as well. As a planner and officiant, my goal is to be able to perform wedding ceremonies and “justice of the peace” services. I am working towards having a commercial location where I will be able to provide a venue to host my events. How may I help you?


Kiondria Johnson Pollard

P.O. Box 34082

North Chesterfield, VA. 23235